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Wanene Entertainment Ltd has two audio recording studios Designed by Roger D'Arcy and Cineom a premier recording studio designer companies in the world, state of the art equipment so as to give you the best quality in audio production.We have ITU Standards 5.1 surround Mixing and Stereo Recording /Mastering studios with Super-powerfull Pro-Tools 12(HDX) system, 4 Neves 8801 ,1034N Pre-amps,Neve 8816 Summing and 8804 faders pack line mixers ,Neumman KH 420 - Active Studio Monitor,KH 870 - Active Studio Sub-woofer, Avid C24 Controller and mixer, Microphones:- Neumann U87, TLM 147, SE Electronics Gemini ||, Sennheiser e600 Drum Pack and many more industry standards microphones like AKG, Schopes, Shure etc. Wanene Entertainment Working with Goncher , Mboks ,  Chizan Brain who are very capable sound engineers and a music producers, offering recording, mixing, mastering, and 5.1 surround film mixing services to our clients.



Our studios are available for recording sessions on rental basis. We also provide a sound engineer to assist on your sessions.



Need a track or sound mixed?

Wanene offers a mixing service to artists or producers who needs such assistance.


With our state of the art equipments and a very capable sound engineer, we offer sound mastering service to artists, music and film producers


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